Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Frangipani is here!

Finally.... FINALLY... the Frangipani kit is ready!! I've added and added and added, then deleted some, edited some, added some more... I'd keep adding if it weren't for "canay" leaving a comment.. it was the final "come on Barb... move it!!" only canay said it oh so much more nicely as in " Looking forward to seeing your new kit!" So...... over the next few days I'll be uploading pieces to the kit.... Thank you canay for that little nudge. :)

There are 18 parts to Frangipani ... Alphas, Bows, Brads, Buttons, Eyelets, Flowers & Leaves, Brushes & Patterns, Frames, Fringed & Frayed, Laces, Papers-Misc, Papers-Plain, Papers-Stripes, Photo Corners, Pins, Ribbons, Tags & Torn Journal Cards..... The idea for the kit came from our Frangipani next to our pool.. I love the pretty little flowers. All the colors are from the Frangipani... pretty mauves, reds, greens, yellows, lavenders....

I really like this kit and think it's my best so far... you can see the growth taking place over the time I've been blogging... hopefully I can start assembling kits on a faster scale than previously! I have really enjoyed working on this kit... working?? ok.. more like playing!!

Oh... a couple of plugs first.... I subscribed to the Atomic Club Actions on Atomic Cupcake.
I love their actions!! It's $16.95 for a 30 days access. You get all 83 of their actions for that price!! Yes, 83!!! That comes out to a little more than 20 cents an action!!! And you've seen the price of actions... $5.00, $10.00, even $20.00 for ONE action!!!! And these are first rate actions... gorgeous results!!

I used some of the actions in the Frangipani Bows, Frayed Mattes, Alphas. That's another reason I'm late with this kit... I was having wayyyyyy to much fun playing with all the Atomic Cupcake actions!!!!

2nd plug.... ActionFx Photoshop Resources
This is a Photoshop digital scrapbookers dream for brushes, actions, layer styles, pattern sets and custom shapes. They have different things available for Photostop CS3, CS2, 7, 6, 5.5, & 5. I use Photoshop CS2 & Photoshop 7 so I'm downloading tons of goodies in the CS2 and 7 sections. And I mean TONS!!! The membership is $49.95 for a year and it will literally take me a year to download everything. Well worth the $49.95 fee. And this is another reason why I was late with this kit... It is just too tempting downloading all the brushes, actions, styles, shapes, & patterns, and not play with them!!!! I'll be using a lot of their goodies in kits to come!! I've had so many ideas for future kits looking thru the brushes, actions, styles, patterns, & shapes... And Al (Al Ward) is adding new goodies frequently.

OK... the goodies for today are... trumpets please.... Brads, Buttons, Eyelets & Torn... Enjoy everyone...

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