Thursday, July 12, 2007

Frangipani-Day 2

OK... there aren't 18 parts to the Frangipani Kit... there are 20 parts!! I took the Miscellaneous Papers and broke it up into 3 separate files...

Yesterday I added the laces and the lace rings to the brushes (.abr) .... The Laces are so neat... I broke them up into 3 parts... the rings, the bottom lace and the top lace... and I took the color out of them so that you can add your own color to the rings and a different color, if you wish, to the laces thru the Blending Options --- Overlay or Soft Light... I'll tell you exactly how to use the lace brushes when the time comes. Yes... I'm a tease!

Another tease is the Alphas.. I included 6 alphas, 4 of which use Atomic Cupcake's Glass Action... one of which is is a clear glass alpha which you can use with any LO!

Another tease... and this will be my last for the day... are my Bows... 22 in all ... I made 12 bows and 2 knots using Atomic Cupcake's Bow Template & the Knot Template (soooooooo easy) and then I made 8 other bows that I just dearly love!!

Again... use your own creativity with everything and anything I make... just leave the file names intact, please. Get into Photoshop and experiment with your filters, layer styles, patterns, brushes, custom shapes... re-color everything and anything.. the more you play with Photoshop the more you'll learn how to do it yourself!! Try some tutorials.. practice, practice, practice.

Today is Papers Day!!! I've uploaded 5 files of papers..... I think there are about 60 different papers... yeah, I know.. I went WILD!! But I had so much fun playing with the Photoshop Filters! They are such fun to make but then try to delete a paper from the kit... It's like throwing out a good pair of jeans... I just can't do it!!! I've left the name of the filter I used with the papers.

Everything in this kit was made by me using Photoshop CS2. I'll tell you where I got the ideas when I put the files up... There are 12 sets of goodies still to come.... The Alpha, Bows, Flowers & Leaves, Brushes & Pattersn, Frames, Fringed & Frayed Mattes, Laces, Photo Corners, Pins, Ribbons, and Tags.

And as you've guessed by now... I'm saving the best for the last few days!!!

Enjoy the papers!!! Cheers!!

Yesterdays goodies and todays papers can be found HERE