Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day 7 - Frangipani

Ahhhh the final day of Frangipani has arrived! Today will be the final 3 parts of the kit; the Fringed & Frayed Mattes, the Frangipani Brushes & Patterns, and last but not least, the Laces.

The fringe on the 6 Fringed Mattes were made with "Bannerwoman's Fabric Tutorial" on www.bannerwoman.com. Although Bannerwoman's tut is for PSP I was able to adapt it to PS CS2.

The 2 Frayed Mattes were made using Atomic Cupcakes Frayed Fabric Action.

I've designed 3 different .png files of Laces... dundasLaces1, dundasLaces2, & dundasLaces3. #1 is with the green background, #2 is with the background missing, and #3 is a longer row of laces with no background... you can re-colour any of these..

I've also included brushes (
dundastoplacesRGB, dundasbottomlacesRGB, and dundasrings) and .png files of the 3 separate layers of the laces (dundastoplacesRGB.png, dundasbottomlacesRGB.png, and dundasrings.png).

The brush laces are a fewer number of laces than the .png files With either the brush or the png files.. lay down the bottom lace first... re-colour, then place the rings, re-colour, then the top laces, re-colour.

When using the brush of the laces & rings.. make sure you keep the same size (the Master Diameter) for all 3 layers.

After each layer use the up, down, right, & left arrow keys to move the laces into position.

If you're going to use any of the Blending Options... do it now BEFORE you merge the 3 layers!

After you have everything placed the way you like it.. and each layer re-coloured to your choice... merge the three layers (top laces, bottom laces, rings)... then if you wish to re-size them do it AFTER you've merged the 3 layers.

With the 3 different files of laces (
dundastoplacesRGB.png, dundasbottomlacesRGB.png, and dundasrings.png) you can choose to color the rings one colour and the laces a different colour, or you can colour all the layers and rings the same colour.... or even different colours for all three layers.. go wild!!

Again.... if you're having problems understanding any of this.. email me.

One last word:
Gotta Pixel Tutorial: Gotta Do It! - Folded Corners: 07-20-2007 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Notice the time... that's different from the other notice I posted... I guess I'll be checking both times if possible.. 4PM EST USA would be 6am July 21st here in QLD.....

Day 7 - Fringed & Frayed Mattes, the Frangipani Brushes & Patterns, and Laces are to be found HERE .....

December 9, 2007

I have re-uploaded the Laces to MediaFire so the url's are now working.

Bottom Laces

The Rings

Top Laces

Rings & Laces

Rings, Laces & Background

If you see anything else where the links are dead and you'd like me to upload to MediaFire just send an email to dundas2002au@yahoo.com

Cheers, Barb

Plus here are Days 1 thru 6 so you can play catch-up ;)

Day 6 Day 5 Day 4 Day 3 Day 1 & 2

Enjoy everyone!! And keep those comments, suggestions, ideas, tips & techniques coming in.. They are all appreciated!

I've already had a brainstorm for a new kit.. I was looking at some brown wrapping paper and it had the neatest blips & blobs and shadowing already on it so I scanned it and then made some papers, ribbons, torn pages, an alpha, burned edges on the papers, ribbons & torn pages.....

That will go up in a few days.. Until then...

Cheers, Barb :)