Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day 5 - Frangipani

Day 5 - Today are the alphas, flowers & leaves. Four of the alphas were made with the Atomic Cupcake Gel is clear so that you can use it with any LO... remember.. you can re-colour the alphas.. just open it up, either double left click .... or right click on the highlighted layer..... takes you to the Blending Options. Choose Color Overlay, for the Blend Mode choose either Overlay or Soft Light.... using those directions on all 4 alphas gives you different colors & effects...
Another thing to try is using one of the colored alphas... go to Image ... Mode... Grayscale.. and then Image... Mode... RGB... and then try the Blending Options, Color Overlay or Soft Light... again... more colors.... Is there a quicker & easier way to take the color out of something and still leave it in RGB?

OK.. off to upload the goodies... HERE they are!
Enjoy everyone!
Cheers, Barb