Saturday, August 25, 2007

Photoshop Patterns

Why wait, eh? I've only shown 3 patterns... there are a LOT more than that!

They work in both PS 7 and PS CS2

Photoshop Patterns


Cheers, Barb

New Goodies

Here are some new goodies I whipped up yesterday... I was playing around with Overlays... and making my own Patterns... The Overlays are very basic... squares & circles but can come in handy so often!! When looking thru kits on sale you see a couple of these designs over and over again. Each one is a png file... you can re-colour it, put it on top of a background coloured layer, or behind and reduce the opacity of the top layer... you can put one overlay on top of another... re-position them.... do whatever comes to mind.. use it over and over...

Here are the
Overlay goodies

And hopefully tomorrow I'll start uploading the patterns that I whipped up...
Along with the ones I made into .png files.. there are several... lots... more.

jsj left a comment today that they couldn't access Day4 Goodies... I'm not sure which Day4 Goodies you were referring to... so I checked all the Day4 Goodies and they are all still working and downloadable... If jsj (or anyone else) is still having problems... please email me and let me know the specifics... .... make the subject : Day4 Goodies

Have a terrific day!

Cheers, Barb

Monday, August 13, 2007

Day 5 - Wrapping Paper

I've outdone myself this morning... 6:53am as I write this blog and I've uploaded 9 (yes, nine files for today!!), made a preview, and even had brekkie!!

Todays goodies, the last goodies for this kit, are Stamps 1, 2 & 3, Stitches, String, Tags 1, 2, & 3, and Masking Tape.

The Stamps were made following the tutorial at

I've made 3 copies of each stamp; one for Australia, one for the USA, and one for everyone to add your own price, titles, comments and/or country. Two of the stamp pictures are from my Frangipani Kit that is in the archives and still available, the third stamp was made using items from the Wrapping Paper Kit.

The flower on the Wrapping Paper Stamp used a brush from ActionFX.

The Masking Tape was made following the tutorial at Pixel2Life.
The tutorial was for CorelDraw and Corel PhotoPaint but was easily adapted to Photoshop CS2.
These stamps are for your LO's only.. not to be used in real life!.

The Stitches were made using the Atomic Cupcake Stitched Edge and Stitch Messy Actions.

The Tags were made using Atomic Cupcake Chipped Paint and Burnt Edges Actions.

I forgot to mention (a Senior moment!!) yesterday that the postal stamp was a .psd file so that you can delete and add your own city, state, and date.

If you have any problems with any of the pieces in this kit.. just email me at or Just put the subject as Wrapping Paper....

OK.. Here are the goodies for today!!

As always, your comments are soooo appreciated. (Jean, you're a star!!)
Cheers everyone! Barb

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Day 4 Goodies

Ahhhhh... here it is 7:22 AM Queensland time and I have the files uploaded, the Day 4 preview made and writing the blog for the day!!! I "am" a morning person!!

Thank you Jean for your comment.. and yes, I agree there are sooooo many possibilities for this kit... and I'm glad you like the ropes as much as I do.

OK.. todays goodies consist of the ribbons, ropes, staples, screws, rivets, scotch tape, a mailing label, an airmail label, a customs form... can't you just see a layout with a package upwrapped.. and photos atop the paper.. with the mailing label, airmail label, and customs form all filled out!!! Of course you can see the rope too....

Oh... and just to make it clear.. these mailing labels, airmail label, and custom forms are for LO's only... NOT to be used on actual postal packages... I don't want anyone getting into trouble with the postal police!!! I've included warnings on the customs and airmail labels which are .psd files.

I've just realized I've forgotten stamps!!! I'll have to whip up some stamps and include them in the downloads for Day 5!!

Don't forget to leave a comment!! Your ideas encourage me to make more goodies... everyone loves to feel appreciated!

OK... Here are the goodies for Day 4

If you have any problems with the files at 4Shared I've re-uploaded them to Mediafile
You can find them here.... Each one is a different url so be sure to click on each one. I've also broken the Ribbons file up into 6 different files...

Stamps & Mailing

Screws, Staples & Rivets
Ribbons2 Ribbons3 Ribbons4 Ribbons5 Ribbons6

Enjoy everyone!!
Cheers, Barb

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Day 3 Wrapping Paper

It's amazing what 7 hours a sleep can do for a body!! But then I'm a morning person and trying do anything, much less even try to think, past 3pm... is a lost cause.

OK... Day 3 is Papers and Journals day.... Different papers, different effects to them... some burned (Atomic Cupcake burnt edges), some with chipped paint (Atomic Cupcake chipped paint), some with folded tears (Atomic Cupcake folded tear), some with a medium tear (Atomic Cupcake medtorn), some Kaleidoscope (Mehdi Kaleidoscope). The Mehdi plugins are free for the dl'ing. You are free to transform (Control-T) any of the papers to make them smaller or larger for your LO's. Enjoy!!

Blogger & 4shared are giving me fits today!! So if there are any problems I can be reached at or

Here are the 6 zip paper files

Cheers, Barb

Friday, August 10, 2007

Wrapping Paper - Day 2

I'm late!! I'm late!!!

I've been reading and playing with tutorials all day long!!!
So I'll publish the url and then go back and get a photo preview of the Buttons, Corners, Eyelets and Frames.... I'm not going to advertise this kit until I have all 5 days up and running.. but if you want to spread the news by word of mouth.. or word of email... that's fine with me.. just send them here.

OK... Day 2 Buttons, Corners, Eyelets and Frames are HERE

I just love the Rope Corners and Rope Frames!!!

The rope was made following the "Making a Rope" tutorial on in the Photoshop Elements "New" section.

The stitching was made using the Atomic Cupcake actions: Stitched Edge and Stitched Messy

Enjoy everyone...
Cheers, Barb

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Here it is!!!

Everything you need to mail a package!! Here it is! Day 1 includes 3 Alphas, 6 Bows, 5 Brads and 4 Bubblewrap.

The Alphas use Cowboys font and DriftType font. The DriftType font was made in black and you can use your color overlay to re-color these. The 6 Bows use the Atomic Cupcake Bow Template and the Atomic Cupcake Knot Template. The 5 Brads are made using Atomic Cupcake Burnt Edges, Chipped Paint, Embroidery, Felt, and Gel. The Bubblewrap is a scan of some bubble wrap I had here at home. These can be re-colored for some different looks.... They'd make a nifty background with the opacity reduced, don't you think?

I'd really like to know what you think of this kit... so please leave a comment here or on 4shared. It's not your run of the mill kit that we all love... something a bit different.

You can find the Alphas, Bows, Brads & Bubblewrap HERE
Cheers everyone, Barb