Sunday, August 12, 2007

Day 4 Goodies

Ahhhhh... here it is 7:22 AM Queensland time and I have the files uploaded, the Day 4 preview made and writing the blog for the day!!! I "am" a morning person!!

Thank you Jean for your comment.. and yes, I agree there are sooooo many possibilities for this kit... and I'm glad you like the ropes as much as I do.

OK.. todays goodies consist of the ribbons, ropes, staples, screws, rivets, scotch tape, a mailing label, an airmail label, a customs form... can't you just see a layout with a package upwrapped.. and photos atop the paper.. with the mailing label, airmail label, and customs form all filled out!!! Of course you can see the rope too....

Oh... and just to make it clear.. these mailing labels, airmail label, and custom forms are for LO's only... NOT to be used on actual postal packages... I don't want anyone getting into trouble with the postal police!!! I've included warnings on the customs and airmail labels which are .psd files.

I've just realized I've forgotten stamps!!! I'll have to whip up some stamps and include them in the downloads for Day 5!!

Don't forget to leave a comment!! Your ideas encourage me to make more goodies... everyone loves to feel appreciated!

OK... Here are the goodies for Day 4

If you have any problems with the files at 4Shared I've re-uploaded them to Mediafile
You can find them here.... Each one is a different url so be sure to click on each one. I've also broken the Ribbons file up into 6 different files...

Stamps & Mailing

Screws, Staples & Rivets
Ribbons2 Ribbons3 Ribbons4 Ribbons5 Ribbons6

Enjoy everyone!!
Cheers, Barb