Saturday, August 25, 2007

New Goodies

Here are some new goodies I whipped up yesterday... I was playing around with Overlays... and making my own Patterns... The Overlays are very basic... squares & circles but can come in handy so often!! When looking thru kits on sale you see a couple of these designs over and over again. Each one is a png file... you can re-colour it, put it on top of a background coloured layer, or behind and reduce the opacity of the top layer... you can put one overlay on top of another... re-position them.... do whatever comes to mind.. use it over and over...

Here are the
Overlay goodies

And hopefully tomorrow I'll start uploading the patterns that I whipped up...
Along with the ones I made into .png files.. there are several... lots... more.

jsj left a comment today that they couldn't access Day4 Goodies... I'm not sure which Day4 Goodies you were referring to... so I checked all the Day4 Goodies and they are all still working and downloadable... If jsj (or anyone else) is still having problems... please email me and let me know the specifics... .... make the subject : Day4 Goodies

Have a terrific day!

Cheers, Barb