Sunday, September 30, 2007

Halloween Alpha

Jean, the dangerous thinker (in the comments) ... lol... suggested I make a Halloween Alpha of the fuzzy fibers.. So, as you see above... it's done... all caps, numbers, and a few others things. I saved each letter at 2" in height to keep the size of the file down.. as it was I had to split them into 3 files (I like to keep the files around 5mb for the dial up downloaders ... so this way you can lasso them and transform them (Control T) to any size you like...

Once again I'll give the credits for the tutorials that I followed...
Digital Scrapbook Place tutorials I used the Fuzzy Fibers by Jamie Rousselle and then Using a Path to make a brush in Photoshop by Angie Svoboda

Halloween Alpha1
Halloween Alpha2
Halloween Numbers

dianagrind wanted a Red & Black O & U for Oklahoma University..
Hopefully you have Photoshop... (I'm sure there's some way to do it in PSP) you can re-color the letters & numbers... Here's how to do it in Photoshop:

Open the Alpha or Numbers...
Lasso (Lasso tool in your tools palette) & move the letter you want to a New File (I use 12x12 at 300pi)

Control T (transform) ... grab the handles and enlarge it as far as it'll go to fill the 12x12 file

Double click inside the transform box to close the transform

Control U (Opens the Hue/Saturation window)
Adjust the Hue... a setting between -22 and -31 gives you Red & Black
When you have the color you want... click OK


Open the Alpha or Numbers...
Lasso & move the letter you want to a New File (I use 12x12 at 300pi)
Control T ... grab the handles and enlarge it as far as it'll go to fill the 12x12 file
Double click to close the transform

Open your Layers Palette (Window... Layers)
Click on the "f " icon at the very bottom of the Layers Palette
Choose Color Overlay
Blend Mode: Soft Light
Choose the color of your choice...
An interesting thing... if you choose Pink going down to the Blue colors... you get different gradings of Red & Black!!!!


Friday, September 07, 2007

Wrinkled & Crinkled Brushes!!!

We've had more rain here in Queensland but after a decade of drought we're all happy to see the wet stuff! Our new 23,000 litre rain water tank is full to the brim and we're wishing we had another tank with all of this rain! (The water in the tank is used to water our fruit trees only).

So instead of moping around because it's dreary I've made some brushes from the Wrinkled & Crinkled papers. The preview was made using a light colour for the brush and a darker colour for the background. It makes some awesome papers, don't you think? I clicked about 4 times to make the brush... each time you click you get a darker brush.

The brushes at 2500px are about 8 x 8" so just do a Control-T and expand them to 12 x 12" or whatever size you want.

You can find the Wrinkled & Crinkled Brushes HERE:

Enjoy everyone!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Wrinkled & Crinkled Overlays

I just love these Wrinkled & Crinkled overlays that I whipped up this morning. The kit contains 20 different wrinkled & crinkled overlays all at 12" x 12" at 300 dpi. In the preview you see 3 coloured overlays (included in the kit) with which I played with the Blending Options... Colour Overlay - Soft Light, Bevel & Embossed, Stroke... I just played around with the different Blending Options so I know you'll come up with some awesome colours & backgrounds! I also included one other coloured overlay (dundasWrinkledCrinkled2a.jpg) with which I reduced the Opacity to 50% before I gave it a Colour Overlay - Soft Light ... There are 22 overlays in the kit... after I had uploaded the kit I realized that #11 & 12 were a repeat of #9 & #10.. so you get those twice. All 20 overlays are different so you should never run out of different wrinkled & crinkled overlays!! :)

Enjoy and all comments are deeply appreciated.
Let me know how you like these.. I can always make more if you wish.

You'll find the Wrinkled & Crinkled Overlays here.
Cheers, Barb