Sunday, September 02, 2007

Wrinkled & Crinkled Overlays

I just love these Wrinkled & Crinkled overlays that I whipped up this morning. The kit contains 20 different wrinkled & crinkled overlays all at 12" x 12" at 300 dpi. In the preview you see 3 coloured overlays (included in the kit) with which I played with the Blending Options... Colour Overlay - Soft Light, Bevel & Embossed, Stroke... I just played around with the different Blending Options so I know you'll come up with some awesome colours & backgrounds! I also included one other coloured overlay (dundasWrinkledCrinkled2a.jpg) with which I reduced the Opacity to 50% before I gave it a Colour Overlay - Soft Light ... There are 22 overlays in the kit... after I had uploaded the kit I realized that #11 & 12 were a repeat of #9 & #10.. so you get those twice. All 20 overlays are different so you should never run out of different wrinkled & crinkled overlays!! :)

Enjoy and all comments are deeply appreciated.
Let me know how you like these.. I can always make more if you wish.

You'll find the Wrinkled & Crinkled Overlays here.
Cheers, Barb