Friday, September 07, 2007

Wrinkled & Crinkled Brushes!!!

We've had more rain here in Queensland but after a decade of drought we're all happy to see the wet stuff! Our new 23,000 litre rain water tank is full to the brim and we're wishing we had another tank with all of this rain! (The water in the tank is used to water our fruit trees only).

So instead of moping around because it's dreary I've made some brushes from the Wrinkled & Crinkled papers. The preview was made using a light colour for the brush and a darker colour for the background. It makes some awesome papers, don't you think? I clicked about 4 times to make the brush... each time you click you get a darker brush.

The brushes at 2500px are about 8 x 8" so just do a Control-T and expand them to 12 x 12" or whatever size you want.

You can find the Wrinkled & Crinkled Brushes HERE:

Enjoy everyone!