Saturday, August 11, 2007

Day 3 Wrapping Paper

It's amazing what 7 hours a sleep can do for a body!! But then I'm a morning person and trying do anything, much less even try to think, past 3pm... is a lost cause.

OK... Day 3 is Papers and Journals day.... Different papers, different effects to them... some burned (Atomic Cupcake burnt edges), some with chipped paint (Atomic Cupcake chipped paint), some with folded tears (Atomic Cupcake folded tear), some with a medium tear (Atomic Cupcake medtorn), some Kaleidoscope (Mehdi Kaleidoscope). The Mehdi plugins are free for the dl'ing. You are free to transform (Control-T) any of the papers to make them smaller or larger for your LO's. Enjoy!!

Blogger & 4shared are giving me fits today!! So if there are any problems I can be reached at or

Here are the 6 zip paper files

Cheers, Barb