Friday, August 10, 2007

Wrapping Paper - Day 2

I'm late!! I'm late!!!

I've been reading and playing with tutorials all day long!!!
So I'll publish the url and then go back and get a photo preview of the Buttons, Corners, Eyelets and Frames.... I'm not going to advertise this kit until I have all 5 days up and running.. but if you want to spread the news by word of mouth.. or word of email... that's fine with me.. just send them here.

OK... Day 2 Buttons, Corners, Eyelets and Frames are HERE

I just love the Rope Corners and Rope Frames!!!

The rope was made following the "Making a Rope" tutorial on in the Photoshop Elements "New" section.

The stitching was made using the Atomic Cupcake actions: Stitched Edge and Stitched Messy

Enjoy everyone...
Cheers, Barb