Sunday, December 16, 2007

Layer Styles-Christmas 2007

I was looking at some Christmas Layer Styles that I really liked and finally figured out how to make them myself. So I have used Christmas Custom Shapes and fonts to make these styles.

Remember when using my Layer Styles you can change the Pattern Overlay Scale of the design.. you can make the design larger or smaller. Go to Blending Options (in the Layers Pallette click on the little "f" at the bottom of the Pallette) and click on Pattern Overlay. See "Scale" under the pattern? Change that # larger or smaller to suit your fancy. If you change this Scale you must also change the scale in the Texture (under Bevel and Emboss) and the Scale in the Stroke (if the Fill Type was Pattern). Keep the scale the same number for the Pattern Overlay, Texture, & Stroke.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

18 Christmas Layer Styles