Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blue & Brown

It's been too long since I posted any goodies for all of my digital scrapping friends.
As you know my husband had open heart surgery on January 26th to repair a 30mm (about 1 1/8") hole in his heart... and bypass surgery. He was in hospital for 5 days and came home without a stitch, drain, wire, anything!! It's amazing what they do!!

He started walking from his first day of surgery. At home he was doing only 5 minute walks... but gradually worked up to 6 five minute walks daily... then one 10 minute walk a day, then 2 a day, then a mile a day!

His sister Elizabeth visited us from England February 20th to March 4th... and the morning we were to pick her up at the airport I came down with a flu bug... I was out of it for the first 5 days of her visit... She ended up taking care of us!! What a vacation,eh??!!! She is such a dear!

The last week of Elizabeth's visit they climbed an 1,800 foot mountain labeled a "steep climb". This week hub cleaned out the gutters on our house. Yesterday we went in for his 6 week check-up with his surgeon and he doesn't want to see him for a year!!! He's looking good!!

So..... back to digital scrapping. I made this kit about 2 months ago while hub was in hospital... uploaded it... and haven't had time to post it... So here I am with time on my hands... something I haven't had for 6 months!!

This kit I call Blue & Brown....for want of a better name. This is from a pattern (070407-00001.pat for those of you who are members of ActionFX) from
ActionFX. I really like the pattern and can see so many possibilities for scrapping.

If you haven't subscribed to ActionFX yet... do so!! It is sooooooo worth the money! Al Ward is an awesome designer... check out his site for all the freebies. His lastest goodie was a video on how to make gemstones for jewelry. I'm working on it so that I can post something one of these days. And before that video he posted an action to make two other gemstones.

And please, leave a comment about what you like or don't like about my kits.
Afterall, I'm making these things for you! What would you like to see as a freebie?
I'm not promising anything but I'll do my best!

The bows are from Atomic Cupcake and they've been warped.

There are more pieces than what is shown in the preview.

And a thank you to all of your prayers. They were really appreciated!
They worked!!! :)


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