Sunday, December 09, 2007

Laces re-uploaded

I read a plea for help on one of my Yahoo groups that I subscribe to... and they wanted Laces... which luckily for her I had made back in July as part of my Frangipani group. So I have uploaded the Laces (5 parts) to MediaFire & decided I might as well include them here in case some of you didn't get them back in July.

The laces are: Rings; Bottom Laces; Top Laces; Rings & Laces; and Rings, Laces & Background on Torn Paper.

I made the laces & rings separate so that you can recolor the rings one color and the laces a different color. Again... Image... Adjustments...Hue/Saturation is excellent for re-coloring....
Or.... Click on the little "f" at the bottom of the layers pallette and that opens the Layer Style window... choose Color Overlay... Multiply or Soft Light work well.... Play around with the different Blend Modes...

If you see anything else you'd like & the links are dead just email me at
with a subject of Dead Links
and I'll see about re-uploading the goodies to MediaFire

Bottom Laces

Top Laces

The Rings

Rings & Laces

Rings, Laces, & Background

Merry Christmas everyone!
Cheers, Barb