Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Spiders! Spiders!! Spiders!!!

It's that time of year and this kit will take care of all those LO's with those trick or treaters, gremlins, ghosts, and goblins. This kit is another whopper which I'll upload over the next few days. One of these days I'll learn how to make a small kit!!!

Today you get the 26 papers, an upper & lower case alpha, 2 frames, 4 torn papers, 16 buttons, 16 flowers and a big olde spider. Not everything is shown in the preview.

Torn Papers

UPDATE: MaggieM said she couldn't download the Spider... so I've put another spider up... just the png file... Spider2
Hopefully this one will work....

The spiders are from a Photoshop Custom Shape by Jenny W on www.adobe.com Exchange
The Alpha, Frames, Flowers & Buttons use a layer style from Al Ward's Actionfx on www.actionfx.com along with Jenny W's custom shape made into a pattern.
The Alpha is my favorite VAGRounded BT font.
The designs on the papers were made using Mehdi's Kaleidoscope Filter and Jenny W's Custom Shape made into a pattern.
The Torn Papers used Atomic Cupcake's Wild Tear Action, Jenny W's Custom Shape Spider made into a pattern, and one of Al Ward's layer styles.

That's it for today... still more to come over the next 3 or 4 days.
And thank you everyone for your wonderful comments! I love them!!
And congrats to Cindyrelly for her first kit!!! I'm so proud of her!
See her kit & LO's on her blog

Cheers everyone! Barb