Thursday, October 25, 2007

Spiders! - Day 3

Day 3 of Spiders! Spiders!! Spiders!!! You'll find 2 grey frames, the green alpha (caps & lower case), 8 more torn papers, 8 ribbons, 36 corners, 24 placemats (12" x 18"), and 4 embroidered shapes.

Take the 12" x 18"placemat jpg's to a place that will print them (like Kinko's) and be sure to sandwich them between layers of plastic so that they can be used year after year.

4 Embroidered Shapes
36 Corners 8 Ribbons
8 Torn Papers
2 Grey Frames
Green Alpha Caps
Green Alpha Lower Case
24 Placemats

The spiders are from a Photoshop Custom Shape by Jenny W on Exchange

The Alpha, Frames, Corners, Placemats & Ribbons use a layer style from Al Ward's Actionfx on along with Jenny W's custom shape made into a pattern.

The Alpha is VAGRounded BT font.

The Torn Papers used Atomic Cupcake's Wild Tear Action, Jenny W's Custom Shape Spider made into a pattern, and one of Al Ward's layer styles.

The Embroidered Shapes are custom shapes from Al Ward's ActionFX and the Embroidery is from Atomic Cupcakes Embroidery Action

Cheers Everyone :)