Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Spiders! Day 2

Today will be .... yup, you guessed it..... more Spiders!!!! In the downloads today you'll find the purple upper & lower case alpha, 16 brads, 2 orange frames, another set of 4 torn papers, and an embroidered pumpkin.

Purple Alpha Caps
Purple Alpha Lower Case

Orange Frames

Torn Papers 2

Embroidered Pumpkin

MaggieM... I uploaded the Spider again.. this time just the .png ... see yesterday's blog in the "Update"

The spiders are from a Photoshop Custom Shape by Jenny W on Exchange

The Alpha, Frames, & Brads use a layer style from Al Ward's Actionfx on along with Jenny W's custom shape made into a pattern.

The Alpha is VAGRounded BT font.

The Torn Papers used Atomic Cupcake's Wild Tear Action, Jenny W's Custom Shape Spider made into a pattern, and one of Al Ward's layer styles.

The Pumpkin is a custom shape from Al Ward's ActionFX and the Embroidery is from Atomic Cupcakes Embroidery Action

Have a wonderful day,