Thursday, October 25, 2007

Spiders! Day 4

Last day of Spiders! Spiders!! Spiders!!! Today's freebies include 4 different embroidered shapes, a grey alpha (both upper & lower case), 2 purple frames, 4 pins, and 8 dripping torn papers.

Embroidered Shapes

Grey Alpha - Upper Case

Grey Alpha - Lower Case

Purple Frames


Dripping torn papers

The spiders are from a Photoshop Custom Shape by Jenny W on Exchange

The Alpha, Frames, Pins & Dripping Torn Papers use a layer style from Al Ward's Actionfx on along with Jenny W's custom shape made into a pattern.

The Alpha is VAGRounded BT font.

The Embroidered Shapes are custom shapes from Al Ward's ActionFX and the Embroidery is from Atomic Cupcakes Embroidery Action

I hope you have enjoyed the Spiders! Spiders!! Spiders!!! kit.

Until the next inspiration...